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Salon Care by Tina

Associated Co.

Hair by Tina Care Cosmetologist Salon

"Shifting Back to Real Hair Care"

Hair by Tina Care Cosmetology Salon is not your normal salon

 Tina Care Cosmetology Salon is a customized hair salon that operates differently than most salons by dedicating time to provide consultations for each individual client and assessing the hair and scalp. After each consultation, a recommendation will be given with a solution, plan to action, and a written prescription.

Prescriptions are meant to aid a patient with instructions, medicine, and treatments to cure or maintain any health issues.

Prescriptions written in the Care Cosmetology Salon are written by a licensed cosmetologist who instructs clients on proper ways to take care of their hair and scalp with recommendations of Professional Product use during the consultation.

If a scalp condition is determined, a referral to a dermatologist will be given.

Each client will be given a different prescription because each client has individual issues.

Every client cannot be serviced the same.

We believe that the hair should be worked from the inside out in order to have a healthy scalp and hair.

We are a CUSTOMIZED HAIR SALON, seeking a certain type of clientele.

Unfortunately, Hair by Tina Care Cosmetology Salon, will not be able to service everyone. We are seeking a particular clientele. If you are seeking a salon that specializes in achieving or maintaining a healthy scalp and hair which goes beyond hairstyling, please contact us and complete the Client Form. Thank you!

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First time Clients complete the Client Form before booking your First Appointment & please read over the website carefully to get a complete understanding of what the salon offer. We look forward to meeting you!

Pricing is Figurative

Please keep in mind the pricing may vary once service is received. Thank you!

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